Work out fashion

   Looking good while sweating.  Studies have shown that wearing workout outfit, makes you feel more enthusiastic to work out. This is called the ‘enclothed congnition’ and that what you wear influences your behavior.  For instance when you are wearing corporate clothes you feels more confident and when you are wearing your favorite outfits you feel good being in your own skin.   So a way to motivate yourself to keep up with the gym, when you feel lazy just take off your pajamas and put your workout clothes on, and suddenly you feel more energized and ready to burn … Continue reading Work out fashion

Shopping Made Easy! DIY

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
Have you ever lost your grocery list? I have. Last year it must have dropped out of my cart in the produce section and then someone tossed it out. I searched everywhere. It was a total nightmare to shop without a list for Thanksgiving dinner. Did I forget anything? Ya think? I went home and made another list. Today I wrote my grocery list and thought to myself, “I need to attach this sucker to my body somehow. Hey! What I really need is one of those clips for little kids’ mittens.”… Continue reading Shopping Made Easy! DIY