Shopping Made Easy! DIY

Now here’s an idea, a wrist band shopping list…ladies we all know it’s difficult to push your cart while holding your electronic list and trying to cross of what you have taken. Let’s just go back to the ice age when we do our grocery shopping. Writing a list keeping it on your wrist is a practical way of keeping check of exactly what you need with out loosing it or looking silly with the iPad pushing a cart. REMEMBER to alway write out you list keeping the layout of the grocery shop in mind.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Have you ever lost your grocery list? I have. Last year it must have dropped out of my cart in the produce section and then someone tossed it out. I searched everywhere. It was a total nightmare to shop without a list for Thanksgiving dinner. Did I forget anything? Ya think? I went home and made another list.

Today I wrote my grocery list and thought to myself, “I need to attach this sucker to my body somehow. Hey! What I really need is one of those clips for little kids’ mittens.” Since I don’t have any little kids, I thought of the next best thing.

tools for wristlet

I took my grocery list written on an index card and taped the top center. Then I punched a hole in the middle of the tape. You can’t see the tape because it’s “magic.”


I found a rubber band from our morning newspaper and…

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